This 2-bedroom apartment had a doorway that just wasn't being used. So Mommy and Daddy decided to convert it into a reading nook for their 3-year old boy. Now he has a special place to cuddle up with a book and be creative in his very own space. But this is New York! Empty space is a luxury. With a carpenter's help, an easy-access compartment was built beneath the plush cushion for everything that needs tucking away. Among painted-on stars, in the blueish-gray sky, this young man escapes into his stories by moonlight.

PROJECT // Starry Night Nook
LOCATION // Kips Bay, Manhattan
BUDGET SIZE // under $1000

Elizabeth came up with the ingenious idea to use a soft pet bed as a cushion, rather than having to get something custom upholstered to fit the space—a solution that saved me hundreds of dollars!
— Shira K.