This progressive education technology company in Brooklyn made the family-friendly decision to provide vacant utility closets as 'lactation lounges' for nursing mothers. They purchased mini-fridges and moms grabbed unused office chairs. Not exactly the soothing oasis you hope for, but it was a good start. With no windows, an extremely slender space and terrible overhead lighting, these challenged 'rooms' needed some TLC and attention focused on their primary function.


PROJECT // Luxe Lactation Lounges
LOCATION // DUMBO, Brooklyn, New York
BUDGET SIZE // under $2000 each


What Elizabeth achieved in this unbelievably small space was nothing short of a miracle. Us moms didn’t know this project was in the works. We were just glad to have a space at all. To arrive for my scheduled 30 minutes that Monday morning and find this gorgeous room, I was in awe. And for someone who doesn’t have children, she must have done her research because she thought of everything. We used to have to haul our pump bags back to our desks after each visit, but Elizabeth found this beautiful chest that was exactly the right size to house all of our bags. She also put magnets on the back of the door so we could put up photos of our babies. Seeing your child’s face is a huge help when you’re doing this away from home. Overall, she brought the comfort of home to what no longer seems like a closet at work.
— Employee and new mom