About Elizabeth, ‘EO’

From a young age, I slept in the attic of my parents' Cape Cod-style home with my two sisters. No privacy, slanted walls, awkward spaces and never an update to our furniture. Until writing this 'about' piece, I hadn't realized that my childhood existence in the rafters made me the decorator I am today. I love a challenge. So when folks have difficult spaces and need to stick with the majority of what they already have, I get it. 

Thanks to living and working in New York City since 1995, I have seen hundreds of homes and offices, all shapes and sizes. Each time I step inside, I get a flurry of ideas on how to improve the flow or personality of a room. These visions, paired with collaborative renters, homeowners and business proprietors, have given me the opportunity to reinvent the spaces we interact with each day and make them more pleasurable and functional. 

As a designer, art director and project manager for the past two decades, form and function are always my focus for any solution I develop. The same applies to the spaces I've designed in both residential and corporate environments over the years. Understanding its purpose, knowing how you want to experience the space, and managing time and budgets to adapt to those goals is my favorite thing to do and I'd love to work on your project next.